How to Teach Your Kids to Play Golf

Teaching kids how to play golf is one of the best experiences you can share in the game. There is nothing more wonderful than seeing the happiness on a child’s face hitting balls into holes for the first time. However, it is quite challengeable to make kids feel familiar with the game and remember all-important rules on a course. This is the reason why we are here today to help you leave positive impression of the game with your kids. It is evidence that kids who grow up playing golf will actually love golf in their entire life and pass it to the others.

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Keep it fun

This is probably the first essential factor when teaching kids to play golf. Make sure that kids are freedom and can do everything they want. Instead of attempting to introduce proper swing mechanics from the beginning, let kids feel that it is just a game. If your kids want to be creative, give them the chance to say what they want to do. Some of them hit the ball between their legs, whereas, the others have creations in doing other crazy things with their balls. In addition to inspire the love for golf in kids, encourage them to express their talents in other areas such as music or art. Golf experts advises that you should provide more play, less teaching to your small children at the first time playing golf.5836499357_7483160bcf_b

Start Short

You had better start teaching your kids by introducing some basic rules of the game. These rules might not include the club and the ball, but the moral core of golf. For example, teach them not to step in another player’s line, tend a flag, or make the order of putting from far to close holes. [Read more…]


5 frequently asked questions about golf clubs

How many golf clubs should golfers carry in their golf bags?

It is the common knowledge that a golfer is allowed to carry no more than 14 clubs in the golf bag according to the rules of the United States Golf Association. So how many woods, irons, hybrids or wedges do you need? These days, a modern set of golf clubs normally has three woods (a driver + 2 fairway woods), at least one hybrid, 6 irons, a putter and pitching

The number of golf clubs to carry depends a lot on the player’s skill. For a novice player, a full set of 14 golf clubs is not really necessary. About 9-10 clubs are fine. The starter set should include at least a wood club so that the player can learn about achieving long-distance shots (take note that it is easy to hit the ball with a 4- or 5-wood than with a long iron). Many new players also start using hybrid clubs instead of long irons. For junior players, a starter set can even include just 6 clubs: two woods, two irons, a sand wedge and a putter; the bag should not be too heavy for the youngster to carry (plus, junior players will outgrow their equipment quickly anyway).

What is the difference between OEM Clubs and Component Clubs?

Any golf club is made up of three components: the club head, the shaft and the grip.

Simply speaking, golf clubs from manufacturers that assembled all three components into finished products are called OEM clubs; these are standard, finished golf clubs we buy at the shop. On the other hand, component clubs are those for which each component is purchased separately and later assembled into a golf club.

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How to use appropriately power wheels for kids

With any families, parents always spend unconditional love for their beloved kids. As a result, they always try to make a healthy life for their kids by encouraging them to participate in some outdoor activities like playing football, climbing, or jogging. It cannot be denied that riding a power wheels is one of the most popular activities all over the world. Despite of its popularity, most families do not know how to use power wheels and keep it durable. This article will provide some important information so that you have knowledge about the use of power wheels for kids.

  1. Make a power wheel go faster.

For kids who have used power wheels for a long time, they have enough confidence to try something new with their power wheels. Riding power wheels for kids faster will help them find more interested and experience a real feeling of riding a real car.

  • Installing a big and powerful battery.

Common battery is 10V, but you completely use 12V one. The reason you should install a better one is because when you speed up, you need more electric power.

  • Charging your battery fully before kids use the power wheels.

If the battery is not charged fully, it will cause the vehicle to run slower and be unable to speed up. It is common that it takes about 4-5 hours for a battery to be full. [Read more…]


Thousands taking to the woods for deer gun season opening

In very short order, the woods and fields of Mississippi will be ablaze. In this case, the reference is not to a rice crispy dry landscape inferno creating a twilight ember glow all across the horizon like back in the days when farmers used to burn off the wheat stubble after harvest.

No, this effervescent fiery auburn reflection will be set off by woodland habitats dotted with hunter orange garments littering the scene from the ground to high up atop tree stand perches overlooking likely white-tailed deer travel routes. Oddly enough, we wait all year for this event and it never comes soon enough after a long, scorching summer.

364 days later

This annual array of color signals the opening of the first primary deer hunting season in the Magnolia State not counting the traditional bow hunting season or youth seasons that begin earlier by special dispensation. This will be gun season. This is the big one. Watch for signs that will be popping up everywhere as the clock winds down.

Other evidence can be noted, too, on the afternoon of November 16, and the early morning of the 17th. First, on Friday afternoon look for stacked and packed parking lots at every hunting supply outlet in the area.

Here in Jackson, there will not be a slot open for another vehicle or a place to put one more set of elbows on the counter at any place that sells hunting guns, ammo, scopes, camo clothes and all the other accouterment that go with hunting deer. The hustle, bustle and noise of yelling sales associates and ringing cash registers will be deafening.

As a sidebar on this last day before the season opener do not expect to find any of these items left on the shelves and racks in the final hours before retail doors close. All mosquito repellent, Mossy Oak in sizes XL or XXL, sale hunting boots, warm gloves, favorite college football team camouflage hats, wool socks, Primos doe bleat cans, most Carhart and bottles of Code Blue deer scent. It’s all gone. Forget it now. Just go on and head out to camp.

Oops, I almost forgot. Leave as early as possible for camp, because the highways all over the state will be jammed with 4×4 hunting rigs choking the roadways feverishly headed to their favorite hunting areas. In tow will be trailers with ATVs, ice coolers, hunting stands and all sorts of gear boxes. There will be no speed traps this day, but be on alert coming home Sunday night. [Read more…]


How to choose walking shoes for men

When you are about to embark on a trek, it is of the ultimate importance that you buy the best walking shoes. Admittedly, some shoes can fit some people but not all. In fact, the most suitable shoes are the ones that satisfy the person’s individual needs and characteristics. Complicated and laborious as it may seem at first, deciding on the right shoes will enable walkers to reap the rewards later.

There is a wide range of walking shoes available on the market these days. For men, it is no exception. Should you have difficulty in picking your walking shoes, you are highly advised to consult professional help from salesmen. They will be a great asset along the way to choose the right ones.


One thing to note is that male buyers need to be vigilant. Walking shoes are manufactured to attract the public mostly, thus their quality may not add up to your expectations. This is in contrast to running shoes in which state-of-the-art technology is implemented to produce shoes of the uppermost standard. To find the best walking shoes for men, you should visit:

Important qualities of walking shoes for men

Criteria for shoe buying guidance in general can also be applied to men in particular. The qualities are as follows:

  • Fit: Your shoes must fit your feet. It is the most crucial factor that is worth taking into account. In addition, it will be ideal if they have extra space inside, in case your feet expand. Your shoes should be a 1-1.5 size larger than your normal ones.
  • Flex: Your shoes must be flexible. They should allow a variety of movements to be made without any difficulty. Bending and twisting are both easily undertaken. If your shoes cannot do that, they are not the right tool to your walking gear.

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Top motion control shoes

Many people are reluctant to undertake a walking training because of their pronation-related issues. It is totally understandable since pronators are likely to struggle a lot when taking a stroll. However, these days, this concern has been alleviated. With the rapid development in technological advances, the shoe market has witnessed a significant improvement in footwear for heavy walkers and pronators.


The best motion control shoes have been shortlisted as follows:

1/ Brooks Ariel

This design is strongly preferred by women who are overweight and suffer from pronation. With this kind of shoes, females will be able to walk at their own comfort without the fear of getting unwanted injuries.  Thus, if you are a female heavy walker or have trouble with pronation, take this design into serious consideration.

Brooks Ariel has a wide range of sizes, ranging from 5 to 13. A variety of widths is also available. Given that, concern about whether this pair of shoes fit your feet will no longer be a serious matter.

2/ Brooks Beast

On the contrary, Brooks Beast is men’s favorite. For those who are heavy walkers and find it difficult to pronate, this version is particularly favorable. One superior feature of this design is its durability, which means it can sustain for a long period of time. [Read more…]


Guide to Storing Your Motorcycle

A motorcycle, just like other devices, requires proper and continuous maintenance all the time. Whether being used or not, most motor devices are easily damaged. It is not to mention some cheap ones, for example, cheap motorcycle helmets. Not only does wear and tear but also environmental conditions like humidity and heat have an effect on them. Due to this fact, to keep all of your motor devices in good use or right function, storing them properly is really crucial.

Why proper motorcycle storage matters?

In order for your motorcycle to work well all the time, proper storage should be a must for you. Good storage will prevent most problems. The followings are some benefits that you can gain from proper motorbike storage. [Read more…]


Introduce about ice fishing

When the winter is coming quickly with us, people living in the harsh cold regions of our country are ready for the season of ice fishing. This activity is a funny and charming sport and people doing it frequently are the experienced anglers. When you wear the several coats of dry and warm clothing, you enjoy this sport as a skillful angler who is ready to overcome the hateful environment with the snow and ice in the winter.



About ice fishing

Here are the basic steps for the ice fishing:

  • First, look for a suitable place on the solid ice surface
  • Second, make a hole to drop your bait within the line through
  • Final, just wait until the fish bite your bait.

After reading through three points, you will consider it is easy to catch fish, but it’s harder than your thinking. Certainly, while waiting for fish biting, you must keep your body warm and safe. Moreover, you must work hard to catch the fish for the good performance. It’s not the ice fishing if you just wait and don’t harvest any fish. [Read more…]


Typical sports help increase the maximum height for children

The development of children with tall and strong is the desire of all parents. Besides, the addition of a lot of nutrition in every day, children also need to play sport to help their bodies become healthier and increase the maximum height. So do you know what sports to increase for your kids? Here are some typical sports which they help increase the maximum height for children. They are the valuable knowledge which parents should know to encourage their children to have the right choice.

Moreover, depending on the age and health status of the children that the parents can choose the appropriate sports for the development of children’ height safely and properly. I will mention 6 common sports to refer as follows:

  1. Soccer


Soccer is a sport loved by many people in all countries of the world. Especially, this sport is regardless of age, everyone also can play it. Actually, sport is very good for the development of kids. Like most other sports, soccer will teach him how to cooperate and harmonize with other individuals in the same group.

In addition, playing soccer help children have the plenty of benefits such as:

  • Have the ability to reflex very well;
  • Stimulate other senses like visual, flexible, endurable;
  • Have a strong will. This factor will help him adapt to the transformation of society later;
  • Help develop the maximum height. Because playing football will produce the growth hormone in the body;
  1. Swimming


The movements during the swimming are also very good for your health. The body of your children will become healthy. In particular, it will help the lungs work well, and the circulation of blood very well too. However, you should encourage him to swim regularly to maintain the good health.

Besides, this is also a very good sport for the kids cardiovascular system, increase the size of spine, shoulders and chest expansion. On the other hands, it also improves the height of children significantly.

Furthermore, children love to swim will have the good immune system. This will help your children become more confident, easy to adapt to any situation, independent. All movements in the water also stimulate the nerves in the brain development. Therefore, your children will be often more intelligent and flexible than others (who do not play any sports)

  1. Jogging

Jogging can be considered as a simple exercise in all sports but its effects are very great. Thus, you can make some good conditions to ask him jogging every day. To ensure the excitement for children, you can also run with him.

  1. Riding a bike


Nowadays, it is not expensive to buy a small bike for children so parents should buy one. This sport is very good for health and help increase the independence and it also is the most suitable sport for young children.

According to new research by the experts if the child has a habit of riding a bike from an early age it will help the child limit the risk of heart disease and some dangerous diseases around 50%.

On weekends or free time, parents should be with their child to ride a bike just relax your mind and just to improve the height of children effectively.

  1. Badminton

It is easy to learn and play with the badminton. You should require your kids to play well or hit too high. You only need him to play and parry the ball.

Badminton will teach him about the discipline, calmness, and the fairness. Moreover, this sport can increase the heart rate, the stamina of the body, improve the function of the eyes, and enhance the reflectivity of the brain.

  1. Basketball


You can see many basketball players with the considerable height. It means playing basketball is also a key helping them achieve that height.

Also, basketball helps children develop the spirit of the team, the cooperation within a group as well as increase the spirit of sport. Especially, basketball can help children develop in height and increase the coordination between the eyes, hands, and legs.

Another sport that be very popular is trampoline. You can get more information about trampoline and find best trampoline:

Today there are many ways to help your children increase their height very effective. However, you should encourage your child to play sports to get a good health and increase the maximum height safely. Besides, the sport helps your children become taller it also brings a lot of other benefits which I listed in this article. I think it is a good method which parents can require your child to play regularly.


Walking stairs are also a sport to lose weight effectively


To lose weight effectively, in addition, to have a healthy diet, the regular exercises also have an important role. In all sports, nowadays walking stairs are a sport to lose weight which many people choose. Actually, this will be effective weight loss methods if you maintain to practice it regularly and properly.

To get the high effect in your training, do you know some techniques? In this article, I will share some information about this sport for losing weight. I hope you will get more knowledge about walking stairs.

Why does walking stairs can help to lose weight?

According to the opinion of many people, walking stairs are a good exercise and it is very simple to practice. You can exercise at home or go out. There are some reasons to know why this sport is also effective in the weight loss.

  • Can burn about 100 calories in 10 minutes by walking up and down the stairs;
  • Reduce the gravitation and burn more calories;
  • Help strengthen and firm some areas on the body such as thighs, buttocks, and abdomen;
  • Increase the heart rate;
  • Can improve the cardiovascular health very well;
  • Be very effective in burning the maximum calories;
  • Suit with some people who have the limited time to exercise;

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